Knee bandage Support Brace

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This knee brace covers all of your bases. It has anti-slip straps that are bi-directional and can keep the brace in place for long periods of time.  which is great for relieving any symptoms of tendonitis or patellofemoral-related pressure or pain. It’s also ideal for those who are working past injuries or need support on their journey to recovery after surgery. 

It makes you feel confident of your knees while you are doing your exercises or hard work .

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Alfonzo Gerhold

Delivered quickly. It looks very strong. In general, these are the ones that on TV advertise for 990 rubles a pair)))) the difference between the sizes M and L did not particularly notice. It is bad that if you take 2 of the same-comes up with a paid delivery, while on 2 different sizes there is no such, I did 2 orders, it came,,,,

Kris Boyle

Super,many thx.excellent quality

Jordan Hauck

наколенник пришел,вроде норм. но,на мой взгляд-можно было резинку чуть послабее сделать,немого перетягивает

William Mitchell

Knee bandage Support Brace

Samara Zboncak

На вид не плохой! Пришёл очень быстро. Заказывала папе, как оденет дополню отзыв

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